Case Profiles

Settlement $4,500,000
Female child suffered brain damage subsequent and during birth due to the alleged negligence of the hospital and various medical providers.

Settlement $1,050,000
27 year old male suffered mental and psychological injury due to mercury exposure.

Settlement $340,000.00
A 53 year old male suffering multiple fractures in a motor vehicle accident.

Jury Verdict $2,400,000.00
A 20-year old single male, struck by a tree which fell during a wind storm in Chicago, IL. Investigation revealed that the City, in repairing a water pipe next to the tree, severed part of the root system, causing the tree to become unstable. Jury Verdict – February of 2002.

Settlement $950,000.00
A 28-year old female, mother of two, was mauled by a bear that was being cared for by a farmer in Southern Illinois. The case settled at the time of trial – June of 2001

Settlement $2,750,000.00
Male child, five (5) years old, brain damaged from alleged negligence of Grant Hospital and different medical providers during, and subsequent to, birth. Case settled during trial.

Settlement $5,000,000.00
Mr. Fichera was the Plaintiff in a class action against State Farm Insurance Company for over charging on policies.

Settlement $30,000,000.00
Class action against four airlines for the misrepresentation of airline ticket purchasers regarding surtax for gasoline sales tax costs against four major airlines.

Settlement $767,500.00
34 year old male plaintiff sustained de-gloving of right calf, fractured fibula of left leg and tibial plateau of right, plus torn anterior cruciate as a result of an auto-truck accident.

Settlement $511,000.00
Structural Work Act. Plaintiff, male 44 year old laborer, sustained a fractured L4 vertebrae plus a fractured radius with compartment syndrome when scaffold plank broke ringing piles of bricks onto plaintiff.

Settlement $1,700,000.00
Plaintiff v. Burlington Northern et al. Wrongful death/product liability/negligence – Male, 44, was killed when crushed by a tractor-trailer.

Settlement $210,000.00
Male-47, fractures both femurs in fall on the Back Room Restaurant doorstop while suffering from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Settled during trial. In court in wheelchair.

Settlement $400,000.00
Plaintiff slipped and fell resulting in the need for a hip replacement.

Jury Verdict $1,000,000.00
44 year old female, diabetic housewife, admitted to Oak Park Hospital with gangrenous left foot and toes. Claimed defendant did not administer penicillin dose ordered, resulting in amputation of left leg below the knee.

Settlement at Time of Trial $1,500,000.00
Boy, 5 years old, passenger in an automobile which was struck by a freight train and sustained loss of eye and a leg fracture.

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